All In One Studios brings you a new way to connect and share your memories & event content solutions for various occasions such as Conferences, Interviews, Funerals, Live performances, Church Services etc.
We are able to provide on-site solutions as well as create specific setups in our studio to suit your needs. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, we've got you.

Our Pricing

We are competitively priced and provide value beyond the cost of production, no matter the scale. We are able to do simple 1 camera streams, or large scale event streams with 20 meter jibs, drones or even cable cam systems.
No job too small or too big.
We have packages for every live stream need, however we are able to quote you specifically for your stream need.


Simple Live Stream Solution for short occasions.
  • 1 Camera
  • 60 minute stream
  • Facebook or YouTube
  • Line in Audio/Lapel or mic
  • Basic Graphics
  • Static Camera (tripod)


A more dynamic stream with a detailed view of the occasion.
  • 2 Cameras
  • 90 minute stream
  • Any Platform
  • Line In Audio/Lapels or mics
  • Basic graphics
  • Static Cameras (tripod)


Clear sound and detail to make any viewer feel present.
  • 3 Cameras
  • 180-minute stream
  • Any Platform
  • Line-in audio/Lapels or mics
  • Intro & Outro Graphics
  • Static Cameras (tripod)


4 camera set up & sound for a broadcast standard stream.
  • 4 Cameras
  • Any Duration
  • Any Platform
  • Line -in audio/Lapels or mics
  • Graphics & Lowethirds
  • Stablized Cameras

We send the quote within the hour after the request has been made.


Extra Services you may need to cover your stream needs.

  • Additional Camera & Operator
  • Additional 60 minutes
  • Edited Version of Stream
  • Photography